Exploring the self through creation. 

My name is Mesoma Onyeagba, born and raised in Nigeria. My life has revolved around art but I am only starting to push the passion I have for it. I see my art journey in various divisions; I represent black women culturally, explore abstraction for the self and depict exuberance as a whole. My work can be interpreted as dynamic, intimate and passionate with fine composition.I am mostly inspired by my Nigerian background with the diverse cultures and fashion. I am also inspired by literally anything that sparks my imagination especially when I go out exploring nature, travel, have intimate conversations with friends and so on. I also read about people and how the mind works on a daily basis, including readings about psychology, socionics, articles and eBooks that help me discover my mind as a kind of self-therapy which plays a role consciously and unconsciously with my creative process.My creative process is having a photoshoot of my friends to recreate a vision or dream I had. Most of the time, it doesn’t turn out the way I hoped but much better than I expected. The more I improvise the more the original idea evolves to a greater one. As for my abstract paintings and fiber works, I use the procreate app to figure out how the colors would go together and bring my idea to life. I am fluid, open minded and flexible in character when planning and creating. I am very much experimental when it comes to building an idea. I want to generate a positive atmosphere to anyone viewing my work. Sometimes my art doesn’t have to make sense, as long as I am expressing myself. The best part is living in the moment, creating and when people get to observe and view my work especially my abstract pieces, each individual finds their own meaning and interpretation based on their life experiences and that’s beautiful to me.